Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Look, again

Some of you have noticed my new blog look and commented positively, thank you for that! What was funny (for me anyway) was getting comments about this morning's posts while still working on the redesign, I was curious as to what version you were seeing. Anyway, the reason for the change was 2-fold. 1, I wanted a 3 column blog. I found the 2 column meant too much scrolling for things that I wanted to add on. I had originally picked a 3 column template when I redid the blog look last time around, but it didn't work for reasons unknown to me, so I went with the 2 column one. The second reason was that although I like the pink and brown combo, I wasn't really happy with having a brown backround frame everything. So I went back to to find something else. To my delight, Lena had just posted a new set of templates, one of which was this one called Cuppy Cakes. For me this was perfect. It still keeps the brown and pink combo that I like, but it cleans it up a bit with the white background. It's 3 columns. It features food (the prettiest little cupcakes). I like the font to boot. If you are looking for a pretty new template for your blog, I highly reccommend her designs. I'm using them on 3 of my 4 blogs now and am just really happy with them. I've noticed them on my friend Anna's blogs too. What's great about that is that Anna and I have completely different personalities and yet the designs our blogs have suit each of us completely.


Katy ~ said...
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Katy ~ said...

The blog header is a lot of fun! My old eyes like the light background; it makes the posts easier to read :o)

I had seen your button for Simply Fabulous and she really is simply fabulous!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

girlichef said...

I do like it alot! Nice and "clean" (the columns) and easy to read :)