Thursday, February 11, 2010

more updates

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let those who are interested in Olivia's progress that I have been blogging about Life in the NICU at my shared parenting blog, Clever Mamas. The good news is that she was discharged from the hospital yesterday! You can read all about it by clicking the link above or on the sidebar.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olivia Update

Thank you all for your congratulations! Olivia is coming along. She took her first full oral feed from me yesterday afternoon and another one this morning. So keep praying for us so she can come home soon! I've okayed the nurses to try her on a bottle when I can't be there (I have a ton of breastmilk in the hospital freezer). There are 2 feeds a day that I can't get down to the hospital. I stayed overnight last night and the nurse woke me when she was ready to eat, which worked out well. I'll be doing the same over the next few days.
She was 51 cm (20 inches) and 2670 grams (5.8 pounds) at birth. She's now over her birth weight (6 pounds 4 oz). The picture above was taken last week when she was 12 days old.