Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Delight Cereal!

 I was very delighted to have the opportunity to try out Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Delight Cereal from General Mills. It is one of 8 new products from General Mills this summer!

I have been a fan of Fibre 1 cereal for a few years now.  My husband first discovered it in as a tasty way to increase our fibre intake but not lose out on flavor.  This new cereal is in my opinion their best yet.  It has the yummy sweetness of granola, but without the high fat.  Knowing that I am getting 40% of my daily recommended intake of fibre at breakfast is a great bonus.  I would love to make this my new daily cereal.

I wasn't the only one to try out this new cereal.  My 3 year old daughter wanted some too and she loved it.  We ate it for a week solid in the mornings and I got a disappointed "Awww" from her the first morning that the box was empty and there wasn't any more to be had.

Fortunately, this box is not the end of it and you can try it out for free too.  The folks at General Mills are offering a  free one-day coupon, redeemable in stores on July 16th. You can get your own copy at the Life Made Delicious site on Facebook.
And that's not all...
You can get more coupons for more new General Mills products that will be redeemable on certain dates in July.  
The July 16th Coupon will be redeemable for either one box of Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Cereal (which I highly recommend trying, I'm so looking forward to having more of this) OR one box of Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch.

The July 23rd coupon is redeemable for Nature Valley, Fibre 1 bars, Golden Grahams OR Cinnamon Toast Crunch treats! 

I've already got both dates marked on my calendar so I'm sure not to miss out.  

Like I mentioned earlier, I tried Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Cereal out for one week.  I really feel as though it helped me kickstart off my summer goal of health and fitness.  This is a cereal that is good to eat and tasty at the same time.  I've tried many, many good for you cereals in the past that remind me of, well, eating cardboard.  Not this one, this one was truly tasty.  It was filling too.  I know that almonds are treat that helps to keep you full through to your next meal.  The week that I was eating this cereal, I didn't really want anything to eat at work at break.  I was still satisfied from breakfast.  
I can also imagine me packing a container of this to eat dry as a snack to munch on.  I think my kids will love it too.  I have to admit that I did keep it away from my boys and just let my little girl have a taste with me, so I could enjoy it a little longer.  But this is the kind of cereal and snack that they would love.  Nice to know that healthy doesn't mean tasteless :
“Disclosure – I am participating in the Fibre 1 Almond & Cluster Delight Cereal blogger campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.”