Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Here it is, my son Jeremy's 4th birthday cake!  This is my first cake using marshmallow fondant.  I am so pleased with the results!  I have stayed away from fondant in the past because let's face it, it looks pretty but tastes disgusting!  Marshmallow fondant is different.  It looks great and tastes nice and sweet, the way icing should taste.  I used a lot of icing dye to get the colours just right.  It takes a while to really kneed it into the icing so it has an even consistancy (especially red, the blues and yellow wasn't as much work).  The figures I picked up as a set at the Disney store.  If I keep making cakes like this, I may have to invest in some more cookie cutters (I could use a set of letters anyway).  I used the fondant recipe found here with no adjustments needed.


teresa said...


Monica H said...

You did a great job- your cake turned out so cute!

Happy birthday to your son. I'm sure he loved it.

Jenreallyspeaking said...

This cake looks fantastic!! That was the same recipe I used for Marsh mellow fondant a couple of years ago I was really pleased with it too. If you find letter cookie cutters please tell me where so I can get some too.