Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometimes it just doesn't turn out

I messed up pancakes yesterday...PANCAKES! That is just not right. I tossed them. What went wrong? I forgot to put in baking powder. Some things just can't be saved. Other recipes can. Here are a list of mess ups I've had in the kitchen.

First the bad:
home fries : too much salt, not much you can do about that
arroz con pollo: it was truly terrible. The rice never cooked through (believe me I tried). I know this could be good, I think I just need a different recipe.
chocolate cake: in an attempt of being healthy I used whole wheat flour, not a good one of the only things I make with white flour.
lentils: burned, boiled dry (note to self, pay attention to anything you boil, sometimes the time is shorter than the recipe says)

Mess-ups I saved:
Vegetable soup: the problem, much too bland...the solution, added more seasonings
toffee: the problem, stuck to the pan...the solution, chipped it up into small chunks and used as sprinkles over ice cream
caramel: the problem, too runny...the solution, froze the pan, scooped up a serving-ful at a time, heated and poured over ice cream for sauce
pizza bread: (pizza flavoured bread that is, not pizza dough) the problem: didn't rise well and cook through...the solution, cut the bread into cubes and made croutons with it