Sunday, April 12, 2009

Super Easy Banana Cream Pie

I don't know why this picture is sideways...very strange. Anyways, my pie story. When Jonathan and I were first married, he was very puzzled by my lack of desserts. I like to bake cookies and muffins and things like that, but to me desserts were something saved for special occassions. He grew up in a house where desserts were a regular part of meal life. I remember one Sunday night he grew quiet after dinner until he finally just said, 'Honey, I love your dinners, but where's dessert?'
I just looked at him, 'Um, it's not Christmas or Thanksgiving or anything.'
'So, that's just it'
'But I love dessert, dessert is part of the meal'
And then I realised. He's English. English people have custards and cream cakes and chocolates regularily with their tea. I'm very Canadian. So I started to make dessert once in a while (even attempting a proper custard from scratch once). And he relaxed a bit about desserts not being a regular feature of our household (I usually keep ice cream in the freezer if he absolutely needs that sweet fix after dinner). And because of this I have to remember that since I said I would make desserts for special occassions, I have to follow through. This weekend I was inspired by a few things I had around and made a banana cream pie. Here's something else trivial about me. Though I love to cook and bake most things, pie is not one of those things. I'm not good at it and I have no real intention of being good at it. So I cheat. I buy pre-made pie shells. These were in my freezer for a quiche I never made. The pudding mix was one I bought by mistake when I had wanted instant and bananas we usually have around. All I did was pick up the whipped cream on the way home from church. So here it is, my super easy pie recipe:

Cook one package of Vanilla pudding and pie filling mix (serves 6 or 8) the night before.
Bake 2 pre-made pie shells, following box directions and let cool (they come as a package of 2)
Once the shells are cool, slice a banana into a single layer on the bottom of the pie crust (1 banana per pie)
Divide the pudding into 2 and spread on top of the banana layer. If you are feeling fancy you can add more sliced bananas into a pretty pattern.
Serve with whipped cream.


Coleen's Recipes said...

Quick, easy and smiles all around, what more can you ask for?

Melissa said...

I'm a big dessert person and I have never made banana cream pie. It looks super scrumptious, I'll have to try it!

Donna said...

This looks like such a great way o make this dessert. I love it, looks fantastic!

Heidi said...

What an easy way to do banana cream pie. I will try it this way next time!

teresa said...

My husband grew up getting dessert every night too, and he acts like he might actually die if he goes a night without it! The pie looks wonderful!