Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Pancakes Better

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that our family loves pancakes.  I decided to spruce up the regular Saturday morning pancakes a couple of times this past month.  The first surprise my kids were delighted with.  I remember having Mickey Mouse pancakes as a kid and loving them.  They are really east to do.  Pour the larger centre first and the two smaller ears.  My youngest called them "Toodles!"  (which you'll know if your own is a fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  The letters I've been wanting to try my hand at for a while.  I filled an icing dispenser with pancake mix and did the writing.  Everyone got their own letter (1st initial).  They were cute (and yummy) and the kids loved them!

The next big of sprucing up I did was for a box mix.  I'm not big on box mixed pancakes (I prefer mine from scratch).  But we had some in the house that needed eating up.  I made them better by:
-grating a peeled apple into the mix
-adding a little vanilla
-adding a little cinnamon
They were so good!  It reminded me of eating churros in Disneyland.

They were also my daughter's first pancakes - I think she liked them!

For more pancake fun check out this guy: Jim's Pancakes


Katerina said...

This is such a great idea to make figures from pancakes. I am sure kids loved them.

Monica H said...

My husband likes to tell me the story of when he was a kid and ate nothing but churros all day long at Disneyland. He was sick all night, but loved it. Still loves them to this day. And he loves anything apple so I'l have to add those to our weekend pancakes soon.

Thanks for the ideas!

Cute pancakes and baby!

teresa said...

cute ideas!

Ingrid said...

AW! YOur babygirl is getting SOOO big!

Nice I like how you spruced up your box mix. I'm gonna try it!

Donna-FFW said...

Great idea with the apples.

She is a living doll, so precious!