Friday, October 9, 2009

Timmy's vs. Mickey D's

2 breakfasts out. 2 mornings in a row. Highly unusual for me. What I'm about to write is just my own experience this week. It doesn't mean it's always like this, but this week it was.

Thursday morning, 8:30am, I went through the McDonald's Drive-thru on the west side of town. My order: An Egg McMuffin, with just egg and cheese. Hash browns. Peppermint Tea with Splenda. My wait time? A good 20 minutes. I had to be at work at 9. I walked into work at 8:58. (Oh, and she couldn't remember what I wanted in my tea)

Friday morning, 8:30am, I went through the Tim Horton's Drive-thru on the west side of town. My order: An egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, hash browns, a hazelnut smoothie and a fruit explosion muffin for my break later in the morning. My wait time? Less than 5 minutes. I got to work early enough to enjoy my breakfast in the parking lot and read a bit of my book before heading in the building.

I don't know why this is. Both line ups had about the same amount of cars in them. In fact Timmies is on a busier corner. I just found it interesting that's all.

***An addendum due to comments/questions.
I enjoy breakfasts at both places. The Egg McMuffin is one of the best fast food breakfasts going as far as I'm concerned. Also the Tim Horton's sandwich is fabulously tasty. Here's the differences for my American friends who don't know about this Canadian institution. The Tim's sandwich is served on a toasted buttermilk biscuit. The egg is more of a seasoned scrambled egg patty. The hashbrowns are smaller than at McD's but are seasoned with herbs. Take a look here if you want to see.


Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

I do get a craving for a McD's breakie once in a while. How does the Timmy's compare sammie-wise?

Katy ~ said...

You crack me up. I haven't been to a Micky D's in AGES though I used to love their breakfast sandwiches, but now I make them at home. We don't have a Timmy's here. Never knew they existed. But then again, we barely have a Taco Bell.

Monica H said...

I love McD's mcgriddle sandwiches. I think they'r the most fatteing thing on their entire menu!

A hazelnut smoothie? yum!

Trish said...

I bet a lot more people do drive through breakfasts than they would admit! Must say that I put change in my door handle and once a week get a Large Double Double with a whole wheat bagle and lowfat cream cheese NOT TOASTED grin at Timmies. My once a week treat...and yummers!