Friday, March 9, 2012

Dinosaur Volcano Cake!

My son turned 5 this week.  We had an all dinosaur themed party for him.  This was the cake.  I used an angel food cake pan to bake it in, doubling the amounts of my recipe for Wacky Cake (by far the most used cake recipe for us).  Once the cake was cooled, I covered it in chocolate icing, even spreading the chocolate icing onto the plate (really a cutting board, covered in foil).  I then mixed vanilla icing with red and yellow food dye to make a good lava colour.  I put that icing into the microwave for about 30 seconds to liquify it (it was hot - be careful).  Then, I slowly poured it around the top of the cake to let it naturally flow down over the cake, giving it a realy lava effect.  I like how it made little pools and rivers of lava at the bottom too (tip - turn the edged of the foil up just a little to catch the lava from flowing onto your counters).  The rocks and mud were done by placing Rock Candy and crushed Fudge-E-O cookies around the cake.  And of course the dinosaurs had to be stomping around too!  To complete the effect, we used sparklers instead of candles to make it look as though the volcano was really exploding (I have heard of people using dry ice in the centre for this too).  The kids were wowed by it! 


Monique said...

Such a cute idea!

Kristen said...

Thanks! My son loved it!