Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Banana Chocolate Chip Cauliflower Muffins

Yes you read that title correctly! These muffins have cauliflower in them and they are delicious! I am constantly on the hunt for ways to get my 3 year old to eat veggies and I picked this beauty of a recipe up from Gourmet Gin. You can find the recipe at her site here. I didn't even tell my husband about the secret ingredient until they were all gone (he was duly impressed). My 5 year old noticed the cauliflower cooking when we were making the muffins (the boys are my assistant cooks) but missed the step where I put it into the batter. Most importantly my 3 year old loved them. In fact, he asked just this morning if we could make them again.
*You'll notice that the chocolate chips in mine melted that's because I didn't let the cauliflower cool down before adding it to the batter.


Chef E said...

This is a great idea! Mine ate bran muffins, but who would have thought of adding cauliflower, so great!

It is fun to find others who try out their recipes and see that they work.

Sophie said...

I don't think I could be duly impressed with this recipe! Very clever idea :). I bet your kiddo loves eating cauliflower like this!

Anonymous said...

Always looking for unique ways to be sneaky...when it comes to veggies! Great idea!

Monica H said...

I like to add it to fruit smoothies- you can't taste it and the kiddos don't know. shh!